Thursday, February 9, 2017


I feel that before talking about our recent change, I should at least bring you up to speed on the past two years. To say the least, they weren’t the easiest.

After my maternity leave ended in May 2015, I went back to work. Little did I know that my happy working self would merely last five months – things at work had changed while I was away and it was time to move on…

At the same time, V was starting up his new venture – a custom wood furniture shop and needed help with branding/website. G was just little over 17 months, so we decided that I’ll stay home, indefinitely.

We took him out of daycare and with that, my stay-at-home-mom days begun.
At the beginning it wasn’t bad, pardon me my straightforwardness; I was busy helping out V, it was wintertime and days were filled with social engagements and events. I barely was noticing the change. In February, we went to visit my parents in Maine, stayed with them for about a month and before you know it, it was springtime. Coming April, we went to Mexico for a short getaway. Only after our arrival, the reality of staying home kicked in.

How exactly was it for me? Well, I was pretty much driven by the sheer thought of “husband will eventually come home”, and I’ll have some me-time, some time for activities other than cooking, laundry, walks to the playground. During the days, every opportunity I had to get out of the house with G – I took. Funny, but looking back on that time now, I was the most social self☺ I’ve met some very awesome mothers in the community and always had somebody to go with for a coffee, for a stroll in the park or just hang out. That’s what actually helped me through those tough times – support of women around me.

I was also deep into new job search. I was determined to find something that will bring change…not just a change to my “stay-at-home “status but to our life in general…not sure how to describe it, but for some reason I knew that relocating would be a new start. So I applied all over Canada. Without going too much into the detail about the job search (I’m sure you’ve all been through it), I was offered a position in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

So here I am, a working mom with a job that makes me smile and a toddler who smiles back at me at the end of every work day when I pick him up.

This is our story… let’s begin.

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